A Passion for Mullet

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Welcome to my website.


I have created this site as an online record of my adventures trying to catch the three magnificent species of Mullet that can be caught in the waters off of the UK.


Chelon Labrosus - Thick Lipped Mullet (My favourite)

Liza Auratus - Golden Grey Mullet

Liza Ramada - Thin Lipped Mullet


I am relatively new to fishing for Mullet and have solely fished for them since the end of 2012.  Before that I did very little fishing for them and maybe managed 2 trips in a year in pursuit of them.  I did however fish most weekends from rock marks and open beaches in search of the other species that inhabit the south coast region.


In 2012 I decided that I would like to put more time into the chasing of Mullet and started to build up a selection of tackle to cover most options I might encounter.  In September that year I finally decided to stop fishing for other species and concentrate solely on the Mullet.  I have not looked back since and wish I had done it many many years ago. 


At the end of 2012 I joined the National Mullet Club, If you are serious about catching Mullet I would thoroughly advise that you look at the NMC from an angling and conservation perspective.  The regular Fish-ins that are held across the year are an invaluable way of meeting people and exchanging ideas.  They certainly helped to push my skills forwards a lot and I have been very lucky to meet some very friendly people in the club who I now fish with quite regularly.  Please find the NMC link on my links page.


2013 would be my first full year targeting Mullet....


As April 2013 rolled ever closer I started to get the plans together to start the chase.  Little did I know of how soul destroying those first few months would be.  Blank after blank trying to build up some knowledge and at times I did question my decision, for the first time I started to question what I was doing bankside.  I did manage a few in the early months but they were very few and far between.  It was only in the later part of the year with a change in tactics that saw me start to catch consistently and then all to soon the season was over.  I was itching for 2014 to start.....


April saw my first trip out and resulted in a small Thick lip,  a good start to the year.  Again the first part of the year was a learning experience but I had now gained enough knowledge to catch some fish.   As the year went on my catch rate soared and I managed get to a very good position of catching nearly every time I went out and of those trips that didn't result in a fish saw me at least get them interested in a bait but just couldn't encourage a good take.  Consistency was my goal for 2014 and I certainly achieved that with a total of 36 mullet caught.  The crowning glory was a 7lb 8oz from the NMC fish-in at Christchurch harbour and a very satisfying 6lb 11oz from the Hamble.  Last fish of the year was a small Goldie taken in the last weekend of November.


Can't wait to get going this year...........


You can follow my catch blog throughout the year as I attempt do battle with the Grey Ghosts.  I will also be regularly updating a gallery showing the fish I manage to catch.


 Anyway enough of my rambling, I'm off to catch some Mullet.


Tight lines..........